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FOCUS Siegel

FOCUS Siegel



Optimised posterior composite restorations

2011 September

Prof. Dr. Liviu Steier

Optimised posterior composite restorations (1,69 MB)

Analysis of bovine pulp tissue dissolution ability by photodynamic therapy

2011 May

Prof. Dr. Liviu Steier et al.

Rev Odonto Cienc

RevOdonto_AnalysisPulpTissue (265,69 KB) 2011_05_RevOdonto_AnalysisPulpTissue (265,69 KB)

Application of PAD in clinical dentistry and the literature evidence Dentistry

2010 December

Prof. Dr. Liviu Steier

Dental Tribune

Peritribune_Application_PAD (1,17 MB)

Reality check on electronically controlled endodontic motors

2011 January

Prof. Dr. Liviu Steier

Endo Tribune

Endo Tribune (148,90 KB)